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September 2015
On Your Marks.

September will see a stunning display of limited edition prints and collages by one of Edinburgh’s leading screen printers.

Stewart was born in Sydney, Australia where she studied illustration and visual communication before moving to the UK. 

Edinburgh has provided a constant source of inspiration, drawing it's buildings and streets for commissions and screen prints for what has become her 15th anniversary this year.

“When I'm in the studio printing, there's no place I would rather be, in many respects I use screen printing like painting. I draw up 3 or 4 layers at a time to print, and then I work on the next few layers based on the results of the first few layers, and so on, sometimes building up prints with over 25 layers in the one image. It's great when after 25+ layers, the image looks just like I had in my mind before I started” commented Stewart.

Fiona McIntosh, co-owner of Concrete Wardrobe added “We haven’t had such a huge collection from Kelly before and it will be exciting to see a mix of her framed and collaged pieces all in the one space. Many of her prints of iconic views of Edinburgh are real collectables and we can’t wait to show them off to our customers ”

Drawing Edinburgh and screen printing goes hand in hand. It's not just about being able to produce prints in an edition, its about layering up drawings, mark making, handwritten text and textures into a single image, which Kelly makes look effortless.

Concrete Wardrobe is from Monday to Friday 11am to 7pm, Saturday 11am to 6pm and Sunday 12 - 5pm.
Concrete Wardrobe 50a Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3SA 
PR and Co-Owners: James Donald & Fiona McIntosh.

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