For those of you who can't wait the 36 hours to see Ziggy Sawdust's display at Concrete Wardrobe for her March Maker of the Month exhibition, here's a sneak preview of a couple of the pieces. Cute or what?!


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February 2013

Out Of Focus: Objects In A New Light

This April sees the work of Stuart Brown donning the walls at Concrete Wardrobe, for a photographic Maker of the Month exhibition.
Glasgow based Brown specializes in photographing the familiar, in new and original ways. Inspired by modern urban landscapes, Scotland and his travels further afield, Brown takes familiar images, and photographs them from a different angle, in an original way, to give a whole new spin on our view of them.
Brown uses a style called 'Bokeh' to create his distinctive abstract photography. ‘Bokeh’ is the method of concentrating an image down to a number of out of focus points of light. Brown’s ‘Glasgow Lights' image takes the iconic so-called 'Squinty Bridge' and renders it, strikingly but still recognisably, to a blur of acid bright circles of coloured light.  
A relatively new kid on the block, Brown enjoys experimenting with images, ideas and formats for his work. He produces a range of hand signed greetings cards, larger prints, posters and block mounted wall prints. These laminated fine art prints sit flush against the wall, and come in a wide range of sizes.
Of his exhibition at Concrete Wardrobe, Brown commented, “I have been working with Concrete Wardrobe since October 2012 and am thrilled to have my work featured prominently in one of Edinburgh’s most fun and vibrant retail spaces. Customers will get a taste of my extensive range and exciting new products.”
James Donald, co-owner of Concrete Wardrobe added, “Brown has a very striking style our customers appreciate. His work looks great on any wall, and balances the familiar with the original perfectly. Having Stuart Brown as our April Maker of the Month means we can stock a broader range of his work than we would normally be able to do.”

Stuart Brown’s work is on display at Concrete Wardrobe from 1st to 30th April 2013.
Concrete Wardrobe is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm. (Sunday 12 - 5pm.)
Concrete Wardrobe 50a Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3SA

PR: Katherine Emtage. Co-Owners: James Donald and Fiona McIntosh. 


With Valentine's Day fast approaching (tomorrow) there's still time to get a card sorted for your loved one(s). And, rather than giving the usual red roses, how about an original gift that will last all year? We've got cards and block prints from Stuart Brown that will express your message of love beautifully. Cards £3. Block prints start at £23.


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Furniture Heroes and Alter-Egos

The eclectic up-cycled furniture of Edinburgh based Ziggy Sawdust is on display at Concrete Wardrobe this March 2013.
Ziggy Sawdust is the brainchild of GSA Sculpture graduate Amy Dolan. Dolan set up her furniture design company in 2011 to turn quirky, vintage and unloved pieces of furniture into one-off collectables you’ll use and love for years to come.
Dolan focuses on transforming furniture from the 1950s-1970s. She carefully sands back the chipped and scratched original surface to get the piece back to its bare bones. It is then cleaned and primed. Dolan uses colour to bring out the structural detail and add a fun, contemporary twist. By keeping in mind a retro musician or film star for each item, she ‘Ziggy-fies’ each piece, bringing out its flamboyant alter-ego. The finished look is unusual and unexpected, yet perfectly fitting.
Dolan’s mission is to mix the solid quality of yester-year with a fresh, contemporary-meets-retro aesthetic. It is an antidote to the flat packed furniture of today. Alongside their furniture, Ziggy Sawdust is also exhibiting their range of redesigned home accessories, including retro vinyl wall clocks.
With ongoing support from The Scottish Princes Trust, Ziggy Sawdust has grown from strength to strength, receiving its share of media attention along the way. 2013 sees Ziggy Sawdust receive a BT Scotland Young Entrepreneurs Award for their eco-friendly business model, among other accolades.
Of her exhibition at Concrete Wardrobe, Dolan explains “This is extremely exciting for me. Concrete Wardrobe is known and loved for supporting wonderful local designers, and I am honoured to be a part of that. It is a real privilege to be showcasing my work in such a design led environment, to a design loving audience.”
Fiona McIntosh, Co-owner of Concrete Wardrobe added, “due to the floor space at Concrete Wardrobe we don’t always have the opportunity to showcase large hand crafted pieces. Having Ziggy Sawdust as our March Maker of the Month enables us to showcase Dolan’s beautiful and original designs, and for our customers to see the diversity of craft in Scotland today.”

Ziggy Sawdust is on display at Concrete Wardrobe from 1st to 31st March 2013.

Concrete Wardrobe is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm. (Sunday 12 - 5pm.)
Concrete Wardrobe 50a Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3SA

PR: Katherine Emtage. Co-Owners: James Donald & Fiona McIntosh.