New work is in this week by Edinburgh based Jenni Douglas. A self taught printmaker who has lived in Edinburgh's Old Town her whole life, Douglas is fascinated by the minutiae and detail in Old Town architecture. She brings this detail to her limited edition screen prints.


More Blair Sorley stock has arrived today, so pop down to Concrete Wardrobe as soon as possible, to get the full colour range. Hot pink, red and mustard yellow have been added. And they look and feel amazing.


The Joys of Line and Form

This summer, the ceramics of Lara Scobie and the precious jewellery of Joanne Garner come together for Concrete Wardrobe’s July Makers of the Month exhibition.
Scobie’s work combines decoration with functionality, and includes a range of small vessels, tall jugs and bowls.
Garner uses precious metals and textiles to create striking mixed media jewellery. Inspired by the bold colours and repetitive patterns found in nature, she creates fluidity and freedom within her beautiful designs.
Scobie’s work is predominantly concerned with the dynamic interplay between form and pattern. This is explored through drawing, surface mark making and volume. Surface patterns and details observed in botanical life have enabled Scobie to explore her love of colour and abstract design. Her simple, considered forms are constructed from soft slabs of clay, with delicate rims and edges. The off-centre ellipses of the individual pieces echo the line drawings and ornamentation of the painted surfaces.
Garner’s use of textiles alongside precious metals infuses her jewellery with colour, and the contrast between soft and hard materials produces tactile pieces with an organic feel. The intricate shapes and linear forms created through the use of fine wire enables the jewellery to move fluidly with the wearer, generating a flow of movement and energy within each piece.
The making process plays an integral part in the development of Garner’s designs, and she works instinctively with tools and materials to create her work. “I enjoy the challenge of working with non-traditional jewellery materials, and find the different techniques allow more freedom within my designs.“
Scobie has exhibited widely and her work is on display in public collections internationally. She has also gained awards for her work, and has recently been selected  (alongside only one other Scottish maker) for the British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke.
Concrete Wardrobe brings together the work of two highly trained Scottish based makers, both intrigued by natural forms and their organic interplay, in very different mediums.
Lara Scobie and Joanne Garner’s work will be on display at Concrete Wardrobe from 1st to 31st July 2013.
Concrete Wardrobe is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm. (Sunday 12 - 5pm.)
Concrete Wardrobe 50a Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3SA
PR: Katherine Emtage. Co-Owners: James Donald & Fiona McIntosh. 


New jewellery is in this week by Kinross based Ebba Goring. 
Goring creates her jewels by transforming her own handmade, delicate lace and crochet pieces into solid precious metal, combined with sparkling stones. The result is luxury jewellery with a timeless elegance. Gorgeous.

Stitch 'n' Stack Rings. (set of 3)

Stitch Stud Earrings


There are beautiful bags a plenty at Concrete Wardrobe this month. Not only do we have the scrummy designs of Blair Sorley as May Maker of the Month, we also have a selection of Catherine Aitken's new summer range in store. Made in linen with waterproof bases, these simple yet spacious bags will see you elegantly through summer, holding all your beach and shopping essentials.


Blair Sorley's handbags and purses are so delicious, they need to be handled carefully, so you don't accidentally pop a corner of one in your mouth. 
Her colour palette is spot on for this season, and the designs are so deceptively simple you automatically feel engaged with each piece. 
Here's a sneak preview of the new Frame Bag, in case you've not been down to Concrete Wardrobe yet. £57.50 each.