There are lots of Christmas present ideas at Concrete Wardrobe, suitable for a broad range of budgets. Mairi B Birdie brooches are £14, Katherine Emtage clasp purses are £23.50, and Grainne Morton jewellery starts at £35.65 for a pair of beautiful butterfly earrings. Hand woven PickOne scarves and shawls start at £70. For a statement gift, how about a Reform The Norm curved oak standard lamp at £440? Pop down to Concrete Wardrobe and have a browse.

Mairi B Birdie Brooches £14

 Katherine Emtage Clasp Purses £23.50

 Grainne Morton Butterfly Earrings £35.65

 PickOne Scarf detail £70

 Reform The Norm - Arc Lamp £440

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