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September 2013

Cardboard Magic

The amazing and wonderful cardboard sculptures of Charlotte Duffy, a.k.a. Waste of Paint Productions, are on show at Concrete Wardrobe this December, taking centre stage in the Christmas window display.
Duffy creates three-dimensional figures, objects and scenes using cardboard finished with ink illustration. Her pieces are theatrical, linking everyday objects and moments with the surreal. They are both amusing and poignant, telling a tale or capturing a moment in time, like the moment of blankness when you’ve lost or misplaced something.
Working with recycled cardboard is important to Duffy. Not only for maintaining a constant and definite aesthetic to her work, but also to remove any value and importance from the base material she employs. She explains, “The worth has to be in the story of the objects, not in the materials they are made of.”
The obsession with the everyday, present in Duffy’s material of choice as well as her subject matter, stems from an early fascination with Duchamp’s ‘Readymades’, and an adherence to the Bread & Butter Cheap Art Manifesto.
Of her display at Concrete Wardrobe, Duffy says, “Concrete Wardrobe has created an unbelievable platform for local artists and designers to showcase their work, so naturally I'm overjoyed to be working with such a dynamic and valuable initiative. “
James Donald, co-owner of Concrete Wardrobe added, “We are delighted to have Waste of Paint Productions create our Christmas window display. Duffy’s creations are original, inspired and full of life. Perfect for showcasing the Concrete Wardrobe aesthetic, and proving that Christmas window displays don’t have to be all tinsel and baubles to be magical.”
Waste of Paint Productions will be at Concrete Wardrobe for December 2013.
Concrete Wardrobe is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm. Sundays 12 to 5pm.
Co-owners: James Donald and Fiona McIntosh. PR: Katherine Emtage.

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