November already! How did that happen I hear you say ... well if I knew I would bottle it and sell it in Concrete Wardrobe!

As well as the onset of a drop in temperture in November as we move through the year, we have also taken delivery of Fiona McIntosh's, who also happens to be one of the co-owners of Concrete Wardrobe, fantastic bright and colourful silk screen printed fabrics. Each piece  have been hand printed in her Edinburgh based studio, details enclosed and have been printed on various qualities of fabric including a warm to the touch soft knitted fabric.

These pieces will be available to purchase from us here at Concrerte Wardrobe through the month of November and beyond!
As well as these pieces Fiona has also produced a collection of limited edition ceramics pieces and a couple of one off pieces including an AMAZING trench coat all using Fiona's wonderful 50's inspired hand printed fabrics!

These pieces will be a very welcome colourful editions to wardrobes up and down the country!

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