Some new images of work by co-owner of Concrete Wardrobe, James Donald being sold under his PickOne weave label. 

These pieces have been hand drawn, with areas hand punched out to reveal the reflective metallic background of the brooch.

These pieces are based on original drawings and marks made on recent research trips to the Uists and to Shetland, based on the transitory marks made in the landscape by lighthouses, distant house lights and car head and brake lights within the remote costal landscapes, making each one a unique art piece in there own right, with no two being the same.

These can be purchased as single brooch pieces or bought attached to a blank greeting card for your own message to send on as a individual gift.

New PickOne card packs will also be available from Tuesday 16th of August! 


  1. love the new designs James!

  2. Thanks Judy ... Some pieces have just been laser cut and will be appearing in Concrete Wardrobe as my effort as Maker of the Month, November 2011.